Marine Life Calendar 2024 - Photo Voting

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Nature Photographers of the world heeded the call for entries, and between July 6 and July 20, over 100 marine life photos were submitted to Pacific Whale Foundation's (PWF) fourth annual Whale of a Photo Contest! A panel of judges selected the top 12 entries to be published in the 2024 Marine Life Calendar, but now PWF is calling on the public to choose the photo that will grace its cover. 
Beginning August 3, vote for your favorite photo in support of PWF's mission! Votes are $1 each with no limit on the number of votes allowed per entry. All funds raised directly benefit PWF's Research, Education and Conservation programs. The image receiving the most votes will be featured on the cover of our 2024 Marine Life Calendar including a brief bio highlighting the winning photographer. The winner will also receive a free calendar and a one year PWF Guide level membership! 

All votes must be cast by 12 pm HST on September 8, so don't delay! With your help, Pacific Whale Foundation can continue its work to
protect the ocean through science and advocacy, and inspire environmental stewardship!
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Voting Begins on AUGUST 3, 2023